THE Chairside Milling Solution

Shape Your Practice’s Dental Restorations and Patient Relationships with the DGSHAPE DWX-42W Wet Dental Mill from Roland DGA

High-Esthetic Restorations, Remarkable ROI

Create a Digital Workflow that Fits Your Needs

The DGSHAPE DWX-42W from Roland DGA is shaping the dental industry as the leading choice for lab-quality, esthetic chairside crowns, bridges, veneers and custom titanium abutments. Specifically engineered to make in-house restorative dental care efficient and cost-effective, the DWX-42W lets you scan, design, mill and finish high-quality chairside dental restorations for your patients all in one visit.

Open Architecture System, Open Possibilities

Easy to operate and integrate into your practice, the DWX-42W simplifies your digital workflow with open architecture that seamlessly pairs with existing intraoral scanning devices. Choose from a wide range of popular dental restorative materials to offer your patients superior quality along with a natural look and feel.

Enhance Your Dental Capabilities Not Your Dental Mill

Backed by industry leader Roland DGA, the DWX-42W ensures maximum efficiency and reliable restoration quality.

DWX-42W Wet Dental Mill Features:

  • Sleek Design and Ethernet Connectivity for Easy Access From Anywhere Within Your Office
  • Same-Day Chairside, Quality Restorations
  • Ability to Mill Glass Ceramic and Composite Resin Pin-Types, and Custom Titanium Abutments with the AK-1 Abutment Kit Accessory
  • Open Architecture for Seamless Integration
  • Virtual Machine Panel Monitoring
  • MillBox CAM Software Included
  • Affordability for Enhanced ROI
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Dental Professionals are Raving About the DWX-42W

"The DWX-42W allowed us to go from shorter appointments to longer, more quality appointments and create comprehensive, restorative dentistry patients. Now if someone needs three crowns, two fillings, one cleaning and a night guard, it's integrated fully into one appointment, because we time it based on the mill."

-Dr. Agatha Bis


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