Up Next: Roland DGA’s Chairside Milling Solution

A look at the benefits this dental practice experienced after switching to milling solutions from DGSHAPE.

The Practice

Up Next: Roland DGA’s Chairside Milling Solution

Alan Jurim, DDS, practices at integratedDENTAL along with his sister, Barbara Jurim, DDS.

Alan Jurim, DDS, practices at integratedDENTAL in Woodbury, New York along with his sister, Barbara Jurim, DDS. The 2 clinicians also teach at the Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College in Hawthorne, where Alan serves as director of digital dentistry and a clinical assistant professor of dental medicine. He describes the practice as one that focuses on comprehensive dental care and reconstructions, using a lot of digital technology to provide that care for patients.

The Prior Solution:

In 2006 Dr Jurim began digital milling in his laboratory and later brought the technology to his dental practice. Dentsply Sirona CEREC systems were initially used.

Upgrade Inspiration:

Although the CEREC systems delivered quick results and pioneered the technology, Dr Jurim was looking for improved quality and better patient outcomes.

“To me, we’re always focused in our practice on quality over quantity, and we wanted to make sure that as we brought digital workflows into our treatment that we’re producing superior results for the patient,” he explains. “What we’ve learned and what we began to consider was that we wanted to ensure quality over speed. One of the things that we’ve kind of drifted toward with this is ensuring that we have a superior-fitting restoration.”

The practice began looking for solutions that would provide better overall results as far as fit and detail.

The Benefits:

Having worked with DGSHAPE milling units in the dental lab, he knew the company’s systems used multiple burs and tools for its milling, which led to optimally detailed and great-fitting restorations. He regards great results as bigger than always having the fastest completions.

“We’re definitely happy with the results we get with the DGSHAPE systems,” says Dr Jurim, who uses the DWX-42W Chairside Milling Solution as well as the Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE DWX-52D dry mill. “When you truly focus on the result—which is the restoration for the patients and the patient experience overall—but you’re also providing seamless workflows, it’s a win-win for us. Where we’ve found the best balance between quality and speed is with the DGSHAPE DWX-42W that we’ve been using. It’s the backbone of our in-house production because of its reliability and productivity. Without that, it doesn’t make the process better for us. We maintain reliability and proficiency, so it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Dr Jurim also likes how easy it is to learn and use the systems.

“I think that the learning curve can be greatly flattened with the resources that are made available to us through videos and through educational content, which can kind of set you up for success,” he adds.

“One of the real benefits from the digital milling systems provided by DGSHAPE is the fact that they’re much simpler than some of the older systems that were out there as far as maintenance, setup, and the overall implementation.”

What’s Up Next:

Given the vast indications and great results with crowns, custom abutments and more, Dr Jurim is thrilled with the capabilities of this solution. When asked what more he would like to see offered, automation is top of mind. “The tests that we put in place to ensure success come down to a good routine. To maintain the machine and make sure that it’s clean and set us up for success…if we can automate more of that and we can use that to save more of our physical time, that would be a great improvement,” he says.

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